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A flexible container bag type packing container, with dust, moisture resistance, radiation resistance, strong safety etc
The structure has sufficient strength, loading and unloading operation is convenient, and is suitable for mechanical loading and unloading.
Can be widely used in chemical, cement, grain, mineral products and other types of powder, granular, block items packaging.
Load weight: 0.5-3T; volume: 500-2300L; insurance coefficient can be based on user needs 3:1; 5:1; 6:1 design.
A cylindrical, square shape, with a single opening on one port to adapt to different needs of a variety of specifications of single use and turnover.

The use of polyethylene bag or film material moisture proof type container bag.



The bag bag sealing door with quasi filling leakage, to avoid leakage or dust particles. The container bag usually suspended filling, placed below the tray to fill after. When the first filling bag body straightened after filling. Such as the use of a container bag unloading outlet, should check whether the bottom tied before filling.

2lifting and transport:

According to the type of container bag and load weight, can choose a forklift, crane, crane etc.. If using a forklift hoisting container bags should be shovel plate is adjusted to the proper position, the container should be close to the forklift. Don't lean forward.


With a forklift or crane will container bag lifted alignment trough or other container button, open the discharge outlet of rope, for single use container bag can be a suitable tool for long distance the bag bottom puncture can discharge. In the hoisting and unloading operations, the following do not stand in container bags。

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