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Industrial and agricultural plastic bags to flex its muscles

Author:Yixing ChaoYue Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.    Date:2016-07-19

Huicong plastic inquiry: plastic woven bag that is widely used in industry and agriculture, no matter is the agricultural production, industrial packaging, or flood control everywhere from woven bag can't figure. Our country since 1966 developed flat woven bag so far, product development rapidly, has formed diverse varieties, specifications complete series of products, variety and quality has reached the level of similar foreign products, in the international market with a certain competitive edge.
At present, due to the issue of product resources and prices, China's annual 60 bags of woven bags for cement packaging, accounting for more than 85% of the bulk cement packaging. With the development and application of flexible container bag, plastic woven packing container bag is widely applied in the offshore, transport packaging industrial and agricultural products, in the packaging of agricultural products, plastic woven bag has been widely used in aquatic products packaging, poultry feed packaging, farms covering material, crop of shading, wind, hail suppression shed material.
Workmanship, farming, shipping, most people go to the market with plastic woven products, store, warehouse, home cottage everywhere plastic woven products. The liner material of the chemical fiber carpet is replaced by the plastic woven fabric, such as shopping bags, supermarket shopping bags, supermarket environment friendly shopping bags, and used for the logistics and transportation of the freight forwarding woven bags.
And in recent years, with woven bag, the use quantity increased, especially filling masterbatch and bentonite dosage increase, in plastic woven bag recycling will be put on the research agenda. Relevant experts believe that the recovery using recovery and utilization value high, Kechuang independent intellectual property rights of the research results, follow the idea of circular economy, and effective recycling can save a large amount of crude oil, has a positive and significant to promote all kinds of pipeline construction in our country.