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The promotion and development of the environmental

Author:Yixing ChaoYue Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.    Date:2016-07-19

Flexible container bag, also known as ton bag or a space bag, is a medium-sized bulk container, mainly to the crane or forklift can realize containerization transportation, it is convenient for shipping bulk powder materials, with large volume, light weight, easy to handling, etc, is a common packaging materials of. It is widely used in food, grain, medicine, chemical industry, mineral products, such as powdered, granular, bulk goods transport packaging, developed countries commonly used container bag for storage and transportation, packaging products.
In 1930s, Jaeque and H were found to be a new technology for the production of the fiber of cutting and tearing through the tensile study of PVC film. In 50s, B, Rasmussen, O, through the study, the use of thin film extrusion method and tensile equipment, began to produce woven fiber. By 1965, Europe began to industrialized production of tensile flat wire, for the production of industrial packaging bags.
China's container bags production began in the 80s of the 19th century, much than in developed countries, 20 years later, production equipment and production technology is mainly introduced or imitation of Japan, South Korea and Taiwan molding equipment, compared with their international counterparts, the equipment management and the technology is relatively backward, to learn, learn from foreign technology. In the middle of 80s. Product packaging to small packaging bags, the use of tons of packaging products is relatively small. Domestic market to non-ferrous metal packaging bags. Export products mainly for the Japanese market, cement, mineral products, sand and other packaging bags. Customers mainly require the strength of the bag to achieve the safe use of the standard, the appearance of the product and other aspects of the performance requirements are not high. During this period, China's container bag product varieties is relatively simple, simple production process, product quality is relatively low. Because of the relatively small container bags production enterprises, the market demand is relatively small, in a period of time, the container bag products can meet the market demand.
Since 90s, the container bag products unprecedented demand. Use container bags into all aspects of society, such as food, chemical etc.. Production methods varied, all kinds of production equipment. Domestic and international production enterprises have been developing healthily and rapidly. Enterprise production scale is more and more big. The level of equipment is becoming more and more advanced. Container bags production scale, automation. For enterprises to adjust strategic objectives, pay close attention to product quality, product quality customer service quality. Mass production reduces production costs. Meet the growing market demand. In this period, we have to introduce foreign advanced production equipment, while the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology. To form a complete set of technical theory. Plastic industry has been an unprecedented development in our country. The main plastic weaving equipment, such as extruders, circular loom, etc. all can localization, the quality of equipment can and foreign compared to new weaving equipment water loom also in Yantai six plastic industry Co., Ltd. successfully developed, this patented technology fill the gaps in the domestic, we make the development in production technology can keep up with the situation. The chemical enterprise is continuously growing, the emergence of a large number of chemical enterprise.